January 16, 2023

Why I decided to start a blog in 2023

Portrait of African American designer Shea Rhim

That’s right, I’m starting a blog. It's 2023 and every marketing guru is telling me,”Video is king” Although true, I believe blogging is still valuable for my design business. Find out below why I’m choosing a blog and what you can expect from it.

Who is behind this blog?

What’s good! My name’s Shea (pronounced Shay) and I’m a digital designer and artist. I’m an Indianapolis native living and working in Atlanta, GA.

How did you come up with the idea for this?

After two years of running my business SHEA RHIM-STUDIOS® it just felt like it was time to take things to the next level. This led me to some serious YouTube research. After hearing every person on the internet tell me that Tik Tok is where I should be, I decided on a blog bro. I’m that person that likes to go left when everyone else is going right.

Why a blog? Why not Instagram, TikTok, Twitter?

The algorithm is a helluva drug. For real! It's littered with trending audio, challenges, and meaningless information. Have you been on social media lately? It's so noisy these days. The blog gives me something the social media platforms don’t. A chance to speak in my authentic voice. Opportunity to connect with the community on a deeper level. The chance to really offer some value to those seeking it.

This blog will allow me to offer value to you (the reader) on a more consistent basis. How so? I've been working behind the scenes on a strategy to become more consistent with content creation. A way to streamline the workflow to become more consistent. Let me expand. My strategy is simple, really. Imagine you're planning Thanksgiving dinner - as you start to plan, the first thing you want to make sure is covered is the meat. We having turkey? Lamb chops? Meatballs? You need a star meat option first. After that you fill out the menu with the sides and desserts. For me that translates to blog first. This blog is my meat - my main entree. Once I complete a blog post, I decide what other platforms this content could live on. LinkedIn? YouTube? Instagram? The other platforms mentioned are all side dishes and desserts.

What are your plans with this blog?

This blog will function more like a journal. Heck. I may even just call it a journal instead of a blog. Moving forward the blog will be the heart of my content calendar. I’ll write blogs here first - then decide if the blog makes sense as a IG post or YouTube video.

What categories will this blog explore?

Expect posts on creative careers, side hustles, and passion projects. A true sneak peek behind the curtain of my design journey past, present and future.

How often will you write post?

My plan is to write a blog post here once a week.

Got another question on starting a blog?

I’m sure you’re just as intrigued by this new adventure as I am. If you have more questions keep coming back here or drop me an email. Get all the news right to your inbox by signing up for the newsletter. I don’t have a cool name for it yet. It’s a monthly newsletter, all goodies, no spammy stuff.